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It all Starts with Alignment

At CTM Customs Alignment inspections are FREE. Chances are that if you think your vehicle is out of alignment, it usually is. A death wobble in trucks and Jeeps is a common issue as well and fixing a death wobble is something that we know all about. We specialize in Alignments and Suspension and Steering repair. Proper alignment, especially on aftermarket lifted and lowered vehicles requires more knowledge and experience than what you would typically find in a normal auto repair shop.

Suspension, Steering and Driveline Repair

Serving Stuart, Palm City, Port St. Lucie, Jupiter and surrounding areas

Driving vehicles with modified suspension causes extra wear and tear on all of your suspension and steering parts, you will always be recommended upgraded parts when applicable. Modified vehicles need better than average parts to keep you safe and on the road longer. 

We have a whole section at the shop dedicated to steering, suspension, and driveline repair specifically because of how important and relevant it is in the aftermarket world. We offer these services to all vehicles, not just modified vehicles.